A  new day for Heaven , all right reserved
     In an ideal world, filled with goodness and grace and where there is no room for ill-feelings, lives a 17-year old boy. He lives in perfect harmony with all that surrounds him, and answers to the name of Heaven.
Heaven is the son of a loving and protective mother and a father known to be one of the richest and most cultivated men of his time. Heaven idolizes his father. Following in these footsteps, he is a brilliant student, excelling in science, but also with a gift for the arts. He seems to be endowed with every quality and to be ensured of a brilliant future.  In this universe where time seems to have no effect, Heaven also is blessed with an angelic face and a kind temperament. He is loved by all his schoolmates and everyone desires to be known as his friend. The young man seems to have success in everything – he has enjoyed a perfect friendship with Jared since childhood. Now he is beginning to discover love with Eve – the girl he has admired since infancy. To his eyes Eve is the ideal woman, with a temperament perfectly matching his own. Time they spend together is filled with laughter and joy.
Everything seems perfect, and yet…..
Beginning with vague unclear images, gradually Heaven’s sleep is troubled by unpleasant dreams. Like little flashes coming from the deepest and darkest corners of his memory. A malicious voice is heard more and more often, forcing its way into his very soul. He tries to chase away these visions and these evil words, but to no avail. Heaven sees all his life falling apart. He realizes that maybe he is not really what he believed himself to be. The flashes, coming more and more frequently and forcefully oblige him to recognize his true self. The gilt falls away, the dream is shattered, leaving only a disgusting underside.
The dream is over and a new reality is revealed. Heaven’s angelic face takes on the hard features of the villain. Nothing stops him now in his selfish pursuit of success. He is capable of doing the worst things to others in order to follow his own ambitions – he lies and cheats his way to the winner’s pedestal. And still the flashes come, more and more, filling his soul.
Through these flashes which darken his soul, he sees himself angrily rejecting the advice of his friend Jared. Heaven rejects both him and their long-standing friendship. His paranoia pushes him even to suspect that the sincere friend could become a dangerous rival. He considers Jared as a traitor, and takes a solitary path towards power and glory…. a path which his father before him had followed in order to build the empire worthy of his success. All is increasingly falling apart. The idyllic world is relentlessly turning into a seedy, somber world, reflecting all his past vicissitudes.
His love for Eve is also corrupted. She no longer appears to him as loving as before, and her refusal to give herself to him infuriates him and makes him want to strangle her. How dare she refuse him anything?
The whole world seems to have turned about, and Heaven now looks grimly towards his destiny. He is filled with unpitying cynicism, a highly developed sense of manipulation, anger and the overwhelming desire to possess everything. He rapes Eve, who wished to break with him, and in order to silence the screams of the young woman he kills her and leaves her lifeless body in the bottom of a ravine. Then, coldly and without the slightest qualms he accuses Jared of this crime.
The way is now open for him to reach the skies. He fully intends to break all the rules in order to place himself on the king’s throne. Selfishness, hypocrisy and unbound ambition are all the “qualities” which will enable him to reach the top. At least that is what the 17 year-old believes…
In any case, he can always run to the protecting arms of the father he admires so much, and who understands everything he is feeling. This father who can put right any situation, the protective and attentive father who doesn’t judge him, but instead shows him how much the world needs strong people; those who are able to make decisions for others.
Suddenly however, the images cease to spin in front of his eyes, and the malicious voice seems to be a far-off echo….Heaven opens his eyes and wakes from a fitful sleep.
One by one, he tears off the sensors and transmitters fixed to his skull. All around him he hears the throbbing and pumping sounds of laboratory equipment which seems to replicate the sound of a human heart. The smell of ether is all-pervasive. Carefully, Heaven looks around him, then at the computer screen which is controlling all the devices. On the screen he sees rows of data. He is all alone. He realizes that he will never be able to forget what he is and what he has done….
Artificial dreams have been injected into his mind, but alas, they are not able to wipe out the original nightmares, and rid him of his bad conscience. The idyllic life now seems a far-off dream that has been torn apart by nightmarish reality. So, the reality of life is here and now, and there is no choice but to face up to that.  So, now filled with bitter disillusion, he raises his hands to the heavens in a pathetic appeal to providence to break this sortilege. Then he falls to the floor, with no further hope of redemption.
On the wall above a desk there hangs proudly the portrait of a man, aged around forty and with a dark, tormented expression. The same face, bearing an evil smile, now comes slowly out of the shadows where a person has been hiding and waiting patiently. The resemblance with Heaven is quite astonishing. Only the age difference as well as a certain purity in the expression of the young man makes it possible to distinguish between them. A single look at his scientist father enables Heaven to understand that he has been the object of yet another experiment. Suddenly he seems to recover all of his sanity and understanding. He remembers his happy childhood, his friends, the tender love of his mother…and above all he recalls the faded images of this father, whom he always feared, and who encouraged him to follow dark roads that he did not wish to venture on, for fear of losing his innocence. Now, suddenly, everything seems clear – the flashes were just nightmares which his father instilled in his mind – but why?
Seeing now that his son is beginning to recover his senses and his reason, the father resorts to desperate lying – he speaks of the overwhelming affection he feels for this son – the son destined to succeed him and follow in his footsteps in order to perpetuate the “dynasty”. But Heaven doesn’t believe a word of it. He perceives through these insincere words all the evil that has been committed. Even worse than that, he now understands that all the nightmares he went through were nothing other than crimes committed by this possessive father in order to eliminate any other influence, from any other person than himself. By injecting into Heaven’s mind these horrible flashes, the father hoped to transfer the responsibility of the evil acts to his son, thus hardening his character; making him more like the father image. Then, combining their evil forces, they would be able to work together, to rise to fame and power.
The young man can take no more. It is impossible for him to renounce his own destiny in order to follow a father who has taken from him his best friend, the love of his life, even his mother, who has been shut in an asylum. This makes a confrontation inevitable. Heaven decides to oppose this cruel and authoritarian father in order to regain his lost freedom.
For the first time in his life, Heaven’s face now appears twisted by angry disillusion. He tells his father that henceforth the only feelings between them will be contempt, and that he intends to avenge the innocent victims of this low plot. Then they begin to struggle – it is a struggle from which only one can emerge victorious. The dream that was the existence of the young Heaven is now definitely shattered. For the father, the stakes are high – he must use all his bitter determination to pursue his ambition of power and domination.
Slowly the laboratory door closes, and only cries and shouts can be heard. So, it is possible for the Devil to beget an angel…….
Suddenly a detonation is heard, followed by the heavy sound of a falling body. Then footsteps leading towards the laboratory door. Clearly there has been a victor… and a victim. A voice is heard faintly, like a murmur, but it is impossible to know which of the two has survived the fight. The sky appears to flee, leaving behind only a kind of dusty trail…….a sordid world.
A NEW DAY FOR HEAVEN , All right reserved